Spring 2019 Dance Recital

Tri-Cities Academy of Ballet and Music
Dance Recital, Saturday, June 1, 4:00pm
HAPO Community Stage, Richland


Welcome to Tri-Cities Academy of Ballet and Music’s annual Dance Recital.  This year, our recital will be held at the new HAPO Community Stage in Richland.  It’s a wonderful way to kick-off the summer season.  So bring your picnic baskets, relax, and have a great time. 

Our recital is a very informal and fun event.  It will be even more enjoyable for all if everyone knows how our recital works and follow a very few simple rules.

Rehearsals will be held on Friday, May 31, from 4:00pm - 6:00pm for all Pre-Ballet and Elementary classes.  All other classes will rehearse on Saturday morning, June 1, from 10:00am - 1:00pm.  Please, be on time.  Our rehearsals do run pretty close to the scheduled times.  When you arrive, just take a seat in the audience.  We will call dancers to the stage when their class needs to be on stage.  Please, know the name of your dancer’s class or classes, i.e. PB 3B, Jazz 1, etc.

Performance will begin at 4:00pm on Saturday, June 1.   Please check your schedule to determine what time you need to be there and what time you will finish.  The recital should finish at 8:00pm.  We know that 4 hours is a long time, but you are encouraged to stay for the entire recital to see what the other classes are doing.   For those of you who may not want to stay for the entire recital, we have divided the recital into 4 Acts.  During the performance, dancers will remain in the audience with their family and friends.  We will call them back stage in plenty of time for them to prepare for their dance.  When their dance is done, dancers will return to the audience.

Manners  If you choose to leave before the performance is over, please gather your belongings and exit between dances not while the dancers are performing.  Aside from being rude, you may be blocking the view of people behind you who want to see their children perform.

Seating  The recital is at the park so don’t forget that you will need blankets and/or picnic chairs.  The area directly in front of the stage is kept clear so parents can take pictures of their children’s performance.  We want everyone to have a good view of the stage so a large area behind the photographer’s area is reserved for blankets only.  Chairs are only permitted behind the blanket area.  Many people will set out their blankets and/or chairs in the morning at rehearsal to save their spot.  If you are setting up a sun shade, please set it up at the back of the lawn area near the sidewalk. 

Parking is in the large parking lot across Jadwin Ave. north of the Federal Building.  The parking area adjacent to the stage is reserved for handicapped parking and TCAB staff only.

Weather  If the weather is questionable, please check our web site at www.TriCitiesAcademy or call the studio at 946-1531.  We will have information posted as soon as possible.

Other Things to Remember  Sun-block!!  Dancers may be outside for several hours especially during the rehearsal times and especially if they are in more than one dance so sun-block and protective clothing of some kind is a must.

for Rehearsal and Performance Schedule
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