Dance with Toddler

NEW!!  Dance with Toddler

2018-2019 Schedule will be available on Aug 1

Dance with Toddler (walking  to 36 months)
Rhymes, childhood songs, props, musical variety, skill games, and circle dances will propel your toddlers’ motor and social development to the next level. Moms, dads or caregivers will move alongside their toddler, following the guidance of the instructor through a series of playful activities. Tentative at first, your toddler may spend the first couple classes taking in the new environment, but within a few weeks you will notice greater awareness of self, others, and surroundings in class and at home.  Skill building includes rhythm practice (pulse, pattern, breath), locomotor movements (marching, hoping, leaping, rolling), axial movements (bending, swaying, freezing, balancing) and introductory classroom etiquette. Both child and adult should arrive to class in comfortable work out clothing and bare feet.

Tuition: $xx per month

2017-2018 Dance with Baby & Dance with Toddler Schedule

Upon registration, your first tuition payment will be charged to your automatic payment account the next business day.