Parent COVID Protocols




you are sick

you have had a fever within the last 72 hours


·        If you choose to accompany your dancer to the entrance, please be masked and do not enter the building.  Due to current social distancing guidelines, we cannot accommodate in studio class viewing.

·        TCAB staff will be at the entrance to accompany your child to their studio 

·        The only entrance into the TCAB building is through the glass double doors

·        Face masks covering the nose and mouth are REQUIRED in the building.

·        Masks should be put on before leaving your vehicle

·        Dancers should only arrive within 15 minutes of the start of their class

·        Temperatures will be taken of each person entering the studio. Anyone with a temperature of 100.4F or higher will not be permitted in the building.

·        Parents will need to sign a liability waiver for their children to dance at TCAB

·        Dancers should never wear dance shoes outside of the studio. They should change out of street shoes and into dance shoes once they enter the building. Then into street shoes to before leaving the building. If they are wearing dance shoes in the parking lot, they will not be permitted to take class.

·        Parents, siblings, or friends of students are asked to remain in their cars.

·        All exits are through the Dance Boutique, the lunchroom, or south end of building

·       Faculty/staff will accompany students into parking lot for pick-up, please be waiting


Covid-19 Mitigation Taken by TCAB

·        Each Dance Studio has its own independent HVAC system that circulates fresh air from outdoors. Air does not circulate from one studio to the next.

·        The restrooms will be cleaned/disinfected 4 times daily

·        Towel dispensers have been replaced with dispensers that do not require touching the device.

·        Plexi-glass has been placed between sinks in female bathroom

·        Plexi-glass has been placed in front of reception window

·        All barres and doorknobs will be disinfected between each class

·        Teachers will not touch dancers

·        Class sizes will be reduced and strict social distancing in classes will be enforced

·        All studios have a grid pattern laid out on floors that defines social distancing space

·        All studios will have marks on barres for students to stand

·        All studios will have marked chairs for students to place their bags and street shoes

·        Class start and finish times will be staggered to maintain social distancing and limited capacity in facility.